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We all love wearing stone bracelets or stone pieces of jewellery as each stone comes from the earth and has a meaning for it.

Stones date back to ancient times, Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, ancient Greece and Rome.
The Ancient Egyptians would mine for these as they would make beautiful pieces of jewellery. They used crystals as aids for health and protection. They would often bury a Lapis lazuli Scarab with their deceased, with the belief that it would protect them in the afterlife.

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Known as the stone of transformation, helps bring energy and focus to new growth, while it helps clear away old belief systems that no longer serve you.

Lapis lazuli-
Is a highly spiritual stone and is known as the stone of truth and friendship. It brings harmony, love and protection to relationships. It also helps aid awareness and good judgement.

Is a very powerful and creative stone. It increases self control and it forces facing up to one’s true self. It releases imbalances and negative energy. It provides support during change. It repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts.


It encourages rational thinking, objectivity truth and intuition.
It brings emotional balance and calms panic enhances self-esteem, self acceptance and self trust.
Sodalite balances the metabolism and boosts the immune system.


The Ancient Greeks and Romans would often use them as healing stones.
The Native American Indians used quartz crystals to assist in diagnosing illnesses.
Across cultures different stones symbolise or provide aide for different things.

An example Rose Quartz
In Egypt it was believed that this stone could prevent aging the Romans used the rose quartz as a seal to signify ownership, while in the middle ages it was used in healing potions. Today the rose quartz is known as The Stone of Love.
Used to balance emotions and heal anger and disappointment

Each bracelet stone is 6mm $15

The Trees of Life are sold separately.


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Type of Stone

Malachite 6mm, Lapis lazuli 6mm, Obsidian 6mm, Sodalite 6mm


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