Soothing Bath Soak


Oils I’ve chosen are:

Orange 🍊 – great for lifting the mood, reducing stress & pain relief.
Rose & vanilla
Rose- Relieves stress, fights anxiety & relaxes your body & mind. It slowly relaxes your muscles, relieves spasms & reduces inflammation.
Vanilla- PMS relief, infection prevention, blood pressure reduction & inflammation.

Camomile & Lavender – Combined it addresses skin concerns. Decreases depression, anxiety & stress.
Both calming and great before bed.

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Benefits of bath salts –
Great for removing toxins and excess oils from your skin. Gets rid of dead skin and leaves it feeling fresh & healthy.
Great for relieving stress and detoxifing your body & mind, then leaving your skin feeling soft & smooth. Great for aches & pains & soothing sore muscles.
Great for skin problems & getting a better night’s sleep 😴

These bath soaks are made from all natural ingredients:

Epsom salt – Flush the toxins from our bodies and improves the absorption of nutrients.
It reduces muscle cramps & joint pain.

Bicarb – Helps neutralise acids & alkaline, meaning it assists in levelling the PH in our bodies.
Great for relieving skin rashes.

Himalayan course salt – Has 84 trace elements & minerals which have positive benefits to the skin & body. It is re-energizing & also stimulates blood circulation & cell regeneration.

Essential oils – Have great benefits to the body, depending on what oils you choose.

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Orange, Rose & Vanilla, Camomile & Lavender

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40 ml Tubes (glass) $10, 150 gm pack $12


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