Palo Santo


Supports the mind, body & spirit
May be relit many times
Use as an alternative to sage
Palo Santo has an unusual uplifting & Cleansing scent

100% Genuine Palo Santo Certified by Ministry of Agriculture Ecuador

Palo Santo is used very much in the same way as the smudge stick. This was used by the Incas, it was used in rituals and ceremonies throughout the Amazon.

It’s name literally means Holy wood.

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Palo Santo was used for spiritual purification and mental cleansing. They believe the smoke could dissipate negative thoughts and energies. Today they still use Palo Santo to cleanse a person before and after a deep trance or meditation

Palo Santo is a medicinal tree that grows in Central and South America, places like Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and comes from naturally fallen trees that lie dead for 5-10 years before they are harvested. This is to ensure a very high quality product.

It’s scent has a mix of pine, cedar and citrus

Today it’s used by many people either for meditation, relaxation, stress relief or emotional cleansing. It’s good to use for clearing negative energy around the home or office. Or even burning it just for the smell. It does create a strong scent so it’s not for everyone.


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