Body Scrub Cubes


Everyone knows nothing better than the feeling, of beautiful soft skin after exfoliating your body.

Regular exfoliating helps prevent clogged pores. It increases collagen, the key to glowing skin.🌼

When you don’t have time to use the body scrub in a jar, what more convenient way, than to have a cube and use it like a bar of soap.

Only Essential oils are used.

42 gm each


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Body scrub cubes come in 3 different types.

Lemon zest
Shea butter soap base, coconut oil, lemon zest, sugar and lemon 🍋

Almond oil, shea butter soap base, sugar and Peppermint essential oils from doterra @the.essential.heart

Goatsmilk soap base, sugar, organic coffee grinds and almond oil.



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Lemon zest, Peppermint, Coffee


1 for $3.50, 4 for $12


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